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"Magnolia Coordinates"

Size: 5" x 7"

Papercutting on archival paper with vintage map scrapbook paper for background.


Coordinates are simply the linear and/or angular quantities that designate the position of a point in relation to a given reference frame. There are many different coordinate systems, such as the simple Number line, Cartesian, Polar, Log-Polar, Canonical, Trilinear, Barycentric, Curvilinear, and more and these have applications across a wide variety of disciplines. 


In cartography and geography, the geographic coordinate system is the spherical coordinates of latitude and longitude. When the globe is projected onto a planar (flat) surface, latitude and longitude are then projected into a cartesian coordinate system-- the standard x-axis and y-axis grid that most are familiar with. There are many different techniques for transforming the spherical coordinates of latitude and longitude (with is measured in angular degrees) to a flat cartesian coordinate system. 


However coordinates are set up, the idea is that it gives the precise measurement of a location. It's important to know where you are before you can know where you need to go. As coordinates help us navigate and travel the world, may this "Magnolia Coordinates" remind you to analyze where you are to help inform you about where to go in life. 


Created as part of  the Cartography of Flowers Collection.

This papercut art piece is hand-cut from one sheet of white archival paper and matted with a printed colored vintage map of a city in France. The floral bouquet is made up of one magnolia flower with two tulips surrounded by leaves and twigs.

Magnolia Coordinates

  • SIZE: 5" x 7"

    MEDIUM: Papercut Archival and Scrapbook Paper


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