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"Longitudinal Lilies"

Size: 5" x 7"

Papercut Art on archival paper with printed vintage map for background.


Longitude is the angular distance, in degrees, minutes, and seconds of a point east or west of the Greenwich prime meridian. Latitude, the angular distance of a point north of south of the Equator is relatively easy to figure out based on astronomical observations. However, longitude was not able to be determined with any accuracy until the invention of the telescope around 1608 and invention of the marine chronometer (a precision clock) by John Harrison in 1759. Scholars and sailors had worked for centuries trying to solve the "longitude problem" for safe ocean navigation. Today, longitude is determined to centimeter accuracy through satellite navigation. 


The "Longitude Problem" took centuries of study, trial and error, and innovation to solve. Solving this problem is a testament to human perseverance. May these "Longitudinal Lilies" inspire you to never give up on the big problems in your own life. 


Created as part of the Cartography of Flowers Collection.


This papercut art piece is hand-cut from one sheet of white archival paper and matted with a printed colored vintage map of the Americas. The floral bouquet is made up of a three lily flowers surrounded by leaves and twigs. 

Longitudinal Lilies

  • SIZE: 5" x 7"

    MEDIUM: Papercut Archival and Scrapbook Paper


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