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"Cosmos Contours"

Size: 5" x 7"

Papercut Art on archival paper with printed vintage map for background.


A contour is an imaginary line on ground, all points of which are at the same elevation above or below a specific datum, such a sea level. Contour lines never cross, unless there is an overhanging cliff. The closer together contour lines are, the steeper the slope, and the further apart the contour lines are, the flatter the slope. The contour interval is the difference in elevation between two contour lines, and is indicated on map's legend. 

When difficulties in life come one right after the other, it can feel like marching up a steep slope, like contour lines on a map close together. But sometimes the march and the steepness of the slope leads to glorious places you may never have been able to reach otherwise. The mountaintop experience only comes after the effort of the steep climb. May these cosmos flowers remind you to embrace the contour lines of your life, knowing that the best views of beauty come after the difficult climb to the top.


Created as part of the Cartography of Flowers Collection.


This papercut art piece was hand-cut from one sheet of white archival paper and matted with background print of a colored vintage map of France. Three cosmos flowers with various leaves and twigs make up the floral bouquet. 

Cosmos Contours

  • SIZE: 5" x 7"

    MEDIUM: Papercut Archival and Scrapbook Paper


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