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"Bench Mark Lily and Twig"

Size: 5" x 7"

Papercutting on archival paper with vintage map scrapbook paper for background.


A bench mark is a relatively permanent material object, natural or artificial, bearing a marked point whose elevation above or below an adopted datum (reference system) is known. Typically, the reference datum used in mean sea level. Frequently, bronze or aluminum disks are set in stone or concrete, or on rods driven deeply into the earth to provide a stable elevation point. Bench marks provide the basis for measuring the elevation of other topographical points and establish a fixed location for maps.

Physical bench marks are becoming out-of-date as the Earth's shape changes and evolves. With global positioning satellite (GPS) technology, digitial-based survey markers and bench marks are being used more than physical bench marks. Digital-based bench marks can be updated more easily, however there are still areas on Earth where GPS data may not be as accurate and fixed physical bench marks do provide a way to create accurate local maps.


The idea of bench marks can be used to help us grow. If we know our starting point, we can measure how far we've come. This can be especially helpful in goal setting. Determine your baseline, your bench mark, then set a realistic goal to move past the bench mark. A bench mark is a reference point, and reference points are needed to help plan next steps. May this "Bench Mark Lily and Twig" artwork encourage you to set bench marks in your life-- and then push past them.


Created as part of  the Cartography of Flowers Collection.


This papercut art piece is hand-cut from one sheet of white archival paper and matted with a printed colored vintage map of France. The floral bouquet is made up of one lily flower with several small generic flowers surrounded by leaves and twigs.

Bench Mark Lily and Twig

  • SIZE: 5" x 7"

    MEDIUM: Papercut Archival and Scrapbook Paper


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